We have developed a workforce over the years that is fully capable and does a project from start to finish. This system leaves no room for question or doubt as one man is fully responsible for every aspect of each project.

Peter Breen

Peter has been messing around with wooden boats his whole life. Being very involved in every project that passes through the shop, he organizes and makes sure that all the necessary parts and pieces are sourced,and there on time throught the job to keep everybody working smothley and efficiently. Between all this he manages to get some major projects completed over a longer time span. Some of these include, THE JEFFREY a 19' Greavette Gentlemans Racer. MINT JULIP a 27' 1928 Ditchburn Stepped Hull Viking. DOLLY DURKIN a 28' replica of a famous Fast Limouine from the 1920's. HELDINA II a record holding Race Boat that was built in 1917 ad is the oldest Race Boat in Canada powered by her original World War 1 Liberty aircraft motor. Scouting out all these projects from their resting places has kept me busy over the past 35 years. Peter just completed the 32' Limousine launch this past winter.

Adam Bosch

Adam has completed many smaller projects over the past 17 years. Some of the larger restorations and new builds include, TENAWA 23' Gentleman's Racer. SEPTEMBER II 22' Chris Craft Sportsman. NORCLIFFE 32' Ditchburn long deck launch. PAUSAR 31' Ditchburn Long Deck Launch. FLYER 31' Peter Breen Displacement Launch. TOLKA 1928 Limousine, built at Bell Labratories, Baddeck Nova Scotia, Cheaufer driven Launch. JOHNNY JOHNSON 33' Baby Gar, powered by Liberty V-12 world war1 aircraft motor, built for William Randolph Hurst in 1926. Adam is currently rebuilding, DIXIE BABY 24' Ventnor Record Holding, Gold Cup Race Boat powered by Hispano-suizi aircraft engine. Now rebuilding a 1930 26' Chris Craft Triple Cockpit.

Jeffrey Breen

Jeffrey has grown up around wooden boats, boat shows and antique markets. Working his way through school he has done just about all the different aspects of building or rebuilding wooden boats over those years. After graduating a woodworking and business course, his first full time commission was for Louie & Nora Cares, to totally rebuild a turn of the century Gas Engine & Power Co. Launch. This two year job was taken to Clayton n.y. where Jo-Jo won "Best of Class" and "Best Documented and Displayed" as well. Jeffrey has just completed the 24' Rainbow III hull shown in the above picture, and has several larger maintenance jobs lined up for the winter months. Jeffrey has just installed a new bottom and freshened up a Greavette Gentleman's Racer

Tyler Bridges

Starting with assisting in the re-building of STRUAN II a 24' Ditchburn gentlemans racer. DOLLY DURKIN a 28' Peter Breen Fast Limousine. Building 24' Peter Breen gentlemans racer CASH CALL. Total rebuild of 28' Ditchburn rear drive triple cockpit, RUTH ANN. Total rebuild of STOGHIE 22' Greavette Streamliner. Total rebuild of Hope IV a 1938-48 W.J. Johnson 22' triple cockpit. Tyler is just starting to install a new bottom for a 22' Morgan gentlemans racer. A new bottom has been installed and freshened up for a 22' Shepherd

Anthony Moore

Over the past 11 years Anthony has completed these majour restyorations and new builds. ON BEHALF OF SAM 31' Ditchburn Displacement Launch. MARY AGNESS 29' Peter Breen Launch. SECOND WIND 31' Peter Breen Displacement Launch. T.H.C.#1 1939 Gordon Boat works Twin engine Comuter, built for the Toronto Harbour commission. GRANDEUR 37' Ditchburn Displacement Launch. WHITE WINGS Turn of the century Dan Kidney Glass Cabin Launch. ROYALEZE 36' Ditchburn, also built for the Toronto Harbour Comission. Anthony is just getting underway on another very rare 23' 1896 Dan Kidney gas powered Launch

Brett Hibbs

Brett has completed many smaller tasks over the last 10 years, as well as these major projects. They include, NINIMOOSHA 31' Peter Breen Displacement Launch. SANDSU 24' Triple Cockpit Peter Breen. 32' Peter Breen Displacement Launch. MAGGIE MARIN 28' Peter Breen Gentlemans Racer. Brett is just now coming to the end of a 3 year restoration of a very rare 29' Dart Boats Design, rear drive Triple Cockpit that was built Greavette Boats in Gravenhurst under a licence arrangement that did not work out and last very long. Now rebuilding a 1921 Gold Cup Race Boat complete with her one of a kind Peerless Racing Engine that competed in 3 Gold Cups.