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27.5' Custom Runabout

This boat was started in August 2021. It has been drawn up by Peter Breen, and is being built by Breen Boats. Based off the increasingly popular designs of the Mediterranean styles, it will be the first of it's kind built in the "bullet-proof" plank-on-frame encapsulated method, held together by both stainless steel fasteners and thickened epoxy. Many of the original boats of this style fell victim to de-lamination, as a result of their construction method. This will not be the case for this vessel. She will be powered by a 430 HP Ilmor powerplant , providing optimal power at minimal weight possible. A large cockpit will carry 7-8 passengers comfortably, while a sun-bed in the aft provides a spot for relaxing out on the lake. An alternative option is also drawn with a rear cockpit. A V-berth in the front provides over-night capability.  Available for purchase.

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