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Cash Call


YEAR: 2007

Paul & Mary Lou Little commissioned this project in spring 2005. After going for a test ride in "Cash Injection", and seeing that the boat performed every bit as well as it looked, the only thing left to decide was size. Built at 26' overall, this is a very well proportioned boat.



Using the same proven APBA hull design, scaled down to 24' of running surface, 'Cash Call' tuned out to be among the best riding boats Peter ever produced. The hull was finished in black, while the top plank was built of oak and varnished. This was common place on early launches, but the first time it's been done on a gentleman's racer.




Seating configuration consists of 2 bucket helm seats, an aft bench, and a forward cockpit, comfortably carrying 6 passengers. Shown at the Muskoka Boatshow in 2007, she won 'Best Contemporary Classic'. "Cash Call" was named as a nod to her sistership "Cash Injection" and also in reference to a phrase well known in Paul's line of work.

The Finished Product

The Work In Progress

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