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YEAR: 1928

This 36' Ditchburn launch spent its life as a lodge boat in southern Muskoka on the Severn River. As a young boy, Peter Breen's family cottage was almost in site of this boat. It sprung a plank in the late 1940's and was beached on shore. Peter and his brothers actually played in it as children.



40 years later, the boat remained untouched. It was in a bay away from cottages, so nobody gave it a second thought. Peter realized that although it wasn't in great shape, there was not only a boat here, but a Ditchburn launch. After receiving 

permission from the land owner, a barge was arranged to remove the vessel after half a century in the same spot.



Peter Roy had just purchased notable Old Woman Island on Lake Muskoka, and was looking for just such a boat. He commissioned the 2.5 year restoration from 1998-2001. Just as it was originally designed, the 'lodge boat' has a spacious rear cockpit ideal for entertaining large groups. Any missing hardware were fabricated from original Ditchburn moulds, to verify 100% accuracy in the process.

The Finished Product

The Work In Progress

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