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31' Greavette
Triple Cockpit

This boat was built in the early 1930's by the Greavette Boat Co. of  Gravenhurst, Ontario. Remarkably intact given that it was neglected and in a barn for the last 50 years. At one point this boat's restoration was undertaken by a previous owner with hopes of completing it, but it proved to daunting of a undertaking. Every plank, deck-strip, and 90% of hardware are intact, and can document cockpit layouts, hardware placement, and interior design. Much of the original wood will be used on non-structural components in the cockpits. The original bottom had a 2" sag in it lengthways from the weight of the engine sitting in it for 90 years, and due to this, each frame was rebuilt at 2' sections, and jigged onto a straight backbone, to make it as it was originally. We have dedicated a room to the documentation, and as the project progresses, each piece will be referenced for authenticity. Will be restored just as it was built, solid mahogany planking on white oak framework. Greavette built quite a few of this John Hacker design, a handful of which still survive today. We have been commissioned to bring her back to her former glory over the next couple years by Allan & T.C. Weisberg, with the next generation Stacey and Noah Weisberg being heavily involved in the project as well.

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