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Repair, Refinishing, & Rigging

Over the company's 40 year history, there have been countless boats that have passed through the shop for a wide range of reasons, from replacement of planks, framework & decking, to re-powering the vessel, to stripping and re-finishing. Although Breen Boats build boats in the 'Encapsulated Plank' Method, they carry out traditional plank repairs on traditional bottoms as the two methods should not be mixed. Breen Boats has 3 climate-controlled varnish/finishing rooms designed specifically for dust-free coatings and the team attain all of their finishes with the use of badger-hair brushes. 3 custom hauling trailers of different lengths can accommodate any boat up to 36'. 

The reason Peter Breen built this shop in the middle of a corn field was productivity. The shop is not open to the public. Appointments only. So when an 8 hour work day is billed out, you can rest assured knowing you are receiving maximum attainable value. This company was built on reputation alone and has always been its driving force.

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