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YEAR: 1936

This well documented vessel was built in the fall of 1935 for the 1936 Toronto Boatshow. Dr. William Mann, of Winnipeg, Manitoba 

purchased the boat at the show, for use on his Lake of the Woods cottage on the Ontario-Manitoba border. 60 years later, she would return to Lake of the Woods to serve the Bruce family island.


LENGTH: 20.5'

In 1989, Ian Bruce acquired the boat, still in working order, though very 'tired'. A complete restoration was required, as much of the original hull and deck was too deteriorated for structural use. Drag-link mechanical steering, vintage cloth wiring, & all sand-cast fittings were installed true to original form.



'Arequipa' is a design that became very popular in the 1930's. The emergence of the 'forward-drive' boat is still popular today. Sadly this boat was produced in Ditchburn's last year of operation and during his third re-organizing, but it is a testament to his longevity in the boat-building history books, even through the toughest times imaginable. 

The Finished Product

The Work In Progress

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