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At Ease


YEAR: 1896

Peter Mueller purchased this boat in 2011. He steam bent new ribs into the hull and began the restoration, but then decided to sell to Breen Boats. Bill Ringo commissioned the restoration of this piece of early maritime history in 2013. The 'canoe-stern' transom and navy-top are a couple features that make it stand out.


LENGTH: 23' 

Dan Kidney was a notable boatbuilder out of DePere, Wisconsin, who built early 

launches around the turn of the century up to the 40' range. Few of these survived as early gasoline engines in wooden boats were fire hazards. Originally steam-powered, 'At Ease' has been given a 'classic re-power' small 4-cylinder engine that provides reliability, while sounding and looking era correct.



The sides were able to be saved, while she received a new bottom, decking and interior. Oak and mahogany create beautiful contrasts as was commonly done in this time period, before stains became common place. Cable steering with front and side mounted steering wheels provides easy access to control. This pristine showboat is now being offered for sale at $150,000.

The Finished Product

The Work In Progress

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