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Empty Pockets


YEAR: 2019

Just as his father built "Cash Injection" 17 years prior, Jeffrey Breen built this boat over a number of years to serve as a sales tool from their showroom on the Severn River in South Muskoka.

The 6th boat built in the 'Viking' wooden windshield style, "Empty Pockets" is powered with a 430 HP Ilmor power plant.


LENGTH: 28.5' 

Based off original and successful hull designs, she has a proven, balanced, & adjusted bottom. Years of comparing originals and building replicas has given us hands-on knowledge of how to make a boats performance match, if not exceed, its looks. 




Self-standing bucket seats with custom inlays, race boat style dash assembly, folding wind-screen, cast script name, & dual dash-controlled gas tanks for extended excursions are just a few notable features. Some hardware is borrowed from the past, while other pieces are derived from hand-made wooden patterns. The company puts it's own touch on timeless designs.

The Finished Product

The Work In Progress

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