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YEAR: 1962

Greg Hogarth grew up in this boat. Greg's father purchased this boat in 1968, just after buying the Muskoka cottage. Greg recalls, "As a nine year old boy in 1968, I thought this boat was the coolest thing on the water. It screamed speedelegance, & danger. I loved when dad started Flash. It was so loud. It would start with a big throaty roar and then idle down to a rumble growl interrupted by the lapping of water over the straight exhaust pipes at the waterline. As soon as I heard it, I would come running down to the boathouse to beg for a ride."


LENGTH: 18.5'

After nearly 40 years of service, 'Flash' was given a new laminated "west-system" bottom by a Muskoka competitor in 2006. Eight years later, Breen Boats did all it could to fix it, but a year after it was determined that it was beyond repair. With no fasteners, and poorly 

constructed, the glue joints get water in them, delaminate, and the bottoms can be peeled off with ease. Peter Breen has seen the same result many times.



Having experienced a 'Encapsulated Plank' Breen Bottom with 'Sthogie', his Greavette Streamliner, Greg did not hesitate to give 'Flash' the same treatment, knowing that this would be the end of his bottom troubles, period. Flash was re-finished along the way and received a new Mercruiser power plant. Greg can be spotted often running 'Flash' on Lake Joseph, usually at full speed.

The Finished Product

The Work In Progress

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