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Lady Fay


YEAR: 1930's

This is a very rare boat that was built by Greavette Boats, under a deal with Dart Boat Co. of Toledo, Ohio. Few sales materialized from this partnership, and it is uncertain how many of these models were completed. Built in a triple-cockpit design, helm in the rear, this is a very stately looking craft. The hardware is a mix of Greavette and Dart components. The Dart manufactured custom windscreen is paired with the Greavette tear-drop cleats and step pads.



Discovered in Northern Georgian Bay in 2011, this boat had been converted into a work boat as was the fate of so many like her. Once they get to be old, 

outdated, heavily used boats, they often change hands cheap and are put to work for different uses. The hull was still intact, and the Dart windshield and most of the signature hardware was with it. This forensic restoration, named "Lady Fay", was commissioned  from 2015-2017. Entec Racing was also commissioned to hand-build a 572 cu. in., 550 HP power plant.



The original hull was brought into the shop, new frames built within, and then the new bottom was installed on those frames. As the sides worked their way down from the chine, the original deteriorated wood was replaced. This, as is all our restorations, was done in accordance with current ACBS Judging policies. All interior cockpit components and firewalls make use of this original wood for non-structural uses. She is once again one of the most stately boats in Muskoka and can often be seen plying the waters.

The Finished Product

The Work In Progress

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