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Lady Jeane


YEAR: 1930

Rick McGraw purchased this 'project boat' in 1996, and commissioned it's 

restoration between 1997-1998, consuming over 4000 hours of labour. This is a raised deck 31' Commodore Long Deck Launch, one of the most iconic in the Ditchburn catalogue. This was the model of choice for most wealthy Muskoka families.



Brought to us in rough shape, the hull was still solid enough to act as a pattern in steam-bending the new ribbing. Once the new skeleton framework was fastened to the sides, the bottom was replaced, one plank at a time, in the tried and true 'Encapsulated plank' method. As the replacement side planks progressed downward, the hull was transformed to its original state. 



Every aspect of this restoration was done authentic to the period of manufacture. From the yellow tinted window-glazing deck seams, to the hand carved wooden seating, to the steering wheel-controlled choke and throttle mechanism. 'Lady Jeane' now resides on Lake Muskoka, where she is the boat of choice for the McGraw family for 

evening cruises.

The Finished Product

The Work In Progress

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