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YEAR: 2000

Tom Ballantyne of Reno, Nevada, ordered this boat in 1999. Like many who saw "The Jeffrey", a 1939 20' Greavette Racer which Peter had recently restored, Tom loved the lines and performance of the boat. Lightning is a replica of this boat, scaled slightly larger to 22'.



These boats are true '2-seater' designs. What they don't have in practicality, they make up for in sex appeal. The helm right near the transom creates a extended front deck, which makes a relatively small boat look larger than life. The maneuverability of these small craft is second to none, and a 350 cu. in. small-block mercruiser provides plenty of power. A removable front hatch does allow for kids or luggage to join.


Most of the hardware is borrowed from Greavette in this period of time, while certain pieces are fabricated to blend in with this theme. This boat has belonged to a couple real boatshow enthusiasts, and has been shown and used across North America from Michigan to Florida. A consistent winner anywhere she attends, she now resides in Colorado.

The Finished Product

The Work In Progress

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