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The Madame

"The Madame" is a 1957 18'6" Gentlemans's Racer of the '2-seater' designs. Based off the styles of a Minett and built to a slightly larger scale than the original, she is powered with a 318 Chrysler. This offers a great ride at all speeds with reliable turn-key power. Custom chrome hardware, the famous Vic Carpenter "Sun-burst" dash with Rolls Royce guages, carved tear-drop ventilators, and curved glass windshield make this boat stand out to even the seasoned boat enthusiasts.
It was part of the Montague Black Muskoka collection for 20 years, until the current owner purchased it.
Extensively repaired and refinished by Breen Boats in 2008, the boat has been well maintained and continues to be in great condition inside and out.
SOLD Jan/2024.

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