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Maggie Marin


YEAR: 2013

After having a long-deck launch custom built by Breen Boats a few years prior, Bill & family decided that a sister ship was needed. Something as different in design and intended use as possible. The result was 'Maggie Marin', a true Muskoka style

gentlemans racer.


LENGTH: 27.5' 

At 27.5' overall, 'Maggie Marin' utilizes the APBA hull design that we have used with great success in boats such as "Cash Injection". Bill and Susan, like their first boat, made regular visits to the shop to decide on everything from stain colour to seat placement and design. 




Powered by a hand-built Entec racing 500 HP V-8, she has enough power to comfortable carry 6 passengers through most any chop. Features include a Breen Indian bow ornament, self-standing bucket seats, a cable and quadrant steering assembly with outboard rudder, & a flush deck design. 

The Finished Product

The Work In Progress

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