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Mary Agnes


YEAR: 2006

David Beneke, of Saranac Lake, NY, in the Adirondack region first acquired an original Ditchburn launch, Pausar, around 2002. While drawn to the historical significance of an antique, he decided to have another boat created, one that could be totally customizable to his specifications.



'Mary Agnes' was ordered in 2003 and took 2 years to construct. Produced using frame stations jigged up to the roof, these re-incarnated pieces of history are built the exact same way the originals were. Steam bent oak ribs supported with full-length engine stringers, and solid mahogany planks. The solid wood decks are all book-matched out from the king plank.




Built slightly smaller than the traditional 31' displacement launch, this boat delivers all of the same practicality and spaciousness, whilst having the ability to fit into a smaller boathouse and slips. 4 self-standing bucket seats, 2 boarding ladders, a rear bench, and forward cockpit make this a perfect boat to entertain the family or a group.

The Finished Product

The Work In Progress

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