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Miss Mary


YEAR: 1921

This boat was purchased by George Reis & Jon Bowers in the early 1920's from Buffalo's Peerless Marine Motor Co. She was built by the Hacker Boat Co. and then Peerless would fit their state-of-the-art engines in them.  Originally named 'Miss Mary', she would later be know as 'Miss Kittanning'. She competed in 3 Gold-Cup events with this Peerless Engine. When not racing, the two were always running these boats on Lake George, continually making modifications looking for a racing edge.



George Reis was from Lake George, NY, and would later become a national boat racing hero with his boat "El Legarto" that won 3 Gold Cup races in the 1930's. Lee Anderson of Nisswa, Minnesota, acquired this boat around 2014. It was determined that while on the surface the boat looked great, underneath it had been horrendously restored by an American builder. The original rotten bottom had been laminated over with layers of plywood, and in places .5" of body filler.



Even in all his days of bottom repair, Peter Breen had never seen anything like this. Over a 24 month period, 'Miss Mary's hull was painstakingly rebuilt, 

riveted together over a plank on batten original construction method. The original deck was removed in one piece and re-fastened after the hull was complete. All of the original interior and rigging was re-fit, and she returned to the Lee & Penny Anderson Collection in Minnesota.

The Finished Product

The Work In Progress

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