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YEAR: 1928

In the 1970's, this boat was de-commissioned as a long-serving Georgian Bay island boat. A smaller Ditchburn, & 2 Croswell launches were pulled on shore and burned, while this larger boat was stripped of hardware and towed to a quiet bay where it was scuttled in 12' of water. Peter Breen bought the hardware in the mid 1980's along with the original Sterling Petrol engine and was told the story of the sunken Ditchburn.



As 'grey' or 'project' boats became increasingly scarce and increasingly deteriorated, the idea of reclaiming this piece of history was born. The opportunity presented itself in 2002, when low waters in Georgian Bay put the boat just 3' from the surface. A barge and helper were hired, and with this help Peter & Jeffrey Breen were able to salvage the hull. 



Douglas Burns chose to commission this resurrection from 2005-2006. It was a keel-up restoration, solid mahogany planks on white oak steam bent ribs, and mahogany strip decking, just as she was originally built. Every piece of hardware is original, and some of the wood, once dried, was able to be used on interior faces. She now resides at the Burns family retreat on Lake Muskoka.

The Finished Product

The Work In Progress

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