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On Behalf of Sam


YEAR: 1927

Allan Weisberg familiarized himself with the wooden boat world for years before he decided to take the plunge. After hearing about a project that Peter had just acquired, he came to the shop and sparked a collaboration & friendship that is now two decades old.


LENGTH: 31' 

"On Behalf of Sam" is a 31' Ditchburn Long Deck Launch featuring a raised- engine compartment, solid wood bucket seating, & a 5-guage grape-leaf dash. This 2 year forensic restoration made use of original wood and 

hardware where possible, and re-produced off original moulds and patterns where necessary.



"On Behalf of Sam" is constructed of mahogany planks on white oak ribs, as was originally done, the only difference being the planks are encapsulated in epoxy, eliminating the work that once came with  

keeping a boat up. Allan, T.C., & family regularly use the boat from their Lake Rosseau cottage. "Captains Choice" winner Muskoka 2023. Now offered for sale at $400,000.

The Finished Product

The Work In Progress

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