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YEAR: 1928

Royaleze was built for the Toronto Harbour Commission as their signature vessel in 1928. She took politicians and dignitaries around the harbour for excursions. Original pictures show the then Prime Minister in the boat infront of the Canadian National Exhibition in 1929. It later served as the lodge boat for Ojibway Lodge in Point Au Baril, ON.



Lee Anderson purchased  the boat around the year 2000, and it quickly became the queen of his growing fleet. Few boats have the historical significance that this boat does. In 2014, 'Royaleze' was sent to Rockwood for a 'Encapsulated Plank' bottom and total re-finish. The 18 month job was completed in 2015, and she was exhibited at the Gravenhurst Boatshow, just yards from where she was built.



As much as her history sets her apart from most, her striking appearance is completely unique to this boat. It is a standard displacement launch, but at the bow has a dramatic high free-board and a sweeping down covering board. This would of been a design specifically requested for use on the rough waters of Lake Ontario. Fold-up seats and tables also make the boat very unique.

The Finished Product

The Work In Progress

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