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Ruth Ann


YEAR: 1920's

This boat was found in 2007 on a farm near Parry Sound. It had been half dismantled 

and  had it's hardware 

removed, but as soon as Peter inspected the boat, he knew what it was from the cockpit placements and hardware. Allan Weisberg commissioned this rare Ditchburn rear-drive triple cockpit in 2010, and over 30 months, it had new life breathed into it.


LENGTH: 28.5'

At 28.5', this may be the only surviving rear-drive triple cockpit built by Ditchburn Boats. 2 bench seats in the rear cockpit provide ample seating for 4-5 passengers, while a removable cover over the front cockpit gives seating for another 2. She was brought back to life as all our restorations are, in the 'encapsulated plank' method, ensuring historical accuracy in method, and longevity in boat lifespan.



Not often does a few pieces of hardware prove how a boat was laid out, but in this case that is exactly what happened. The original windshield, for example, was matched with a rotten piece of decking inside the wreck, and we were able to pinpoint exactly where it was located. It is a luxury to have anything like this when restoring such deteriorated boats. 'Ruth Ann' now calls Lake Rosseau home, and regularly provides thrills to three generations.

The Finished Product

The Work In Progress

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