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YEAR: 1936

This boat's hull was built in the Ditchburn factory in Gravenhurst, just before their final closure in 1936. It was decked and finished by a local builder in the Lake Temagami area. At 30', this is a very large boat, well suited for carrying many passengers and luggage the long distances the lake is known for.


LENGTH: 30' 

The Scovil family purchased this boat new, and still owns her today. They use her from their summer home on Lake Temagami, ON. In 2018, her original bottom finally gave way and she sank in her slip. It was clear she was beyond repair and she was sent to Breen Boats for a new bottom.



After a new bottom, and refinishing, she was delivered for summer 2018. In the spring of 2019, she had the extreme bad fortune of the storage building collapsing above her. She came back to Rockwood and had much of her topside rebuilt. The Scovil family should be commended for the lengths they have gone to save this piece of history.

The Finished Product

The Work In Progress

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