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YEAR: 2012

Ron Coghlin spent years researching boat builders and boat designs, as he wanted to do it once and do it right. He approached us just as we were completing the restoration of "Elsie", a original Ditchburn triple-cockpit. Having seen how well this boat performed, it was decided to base 'Sandsu' off this design.


LENGTH: 24' 

Scaled slightly larger than the original to accommodate the modern reliable Mercruiser power plant, Sandsu was built to provide practicality for family excursions in addition to having a sleek, streamline look. She was built over a 2 year period, plank on frame construction, just as the original was.




Notable features include custom cast windshield 

hardware, front deck 

upswepts that mirror windshield shape, outboard rudder assembly, and side mounted exhaust plates. Sandsu is used Regularly by the Coghlin family from it's Lake Muskoka home, where it now creates memories for a third generation of the family.

The Finished Product

The Work In Progress

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