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YEAR: 2004

Peter Roy, commissioned this gentleman racer to be used from Old Woman Island on Lake Muskoka. The hull design is an exact replica of "Rainbow III", Harry Greenings famous Ditchburn raceboat. Having just completed Skookum, a 36' Ditchburn launch restoration, Mr.Roy was drawn to the idea of creating something from scratch that could be totally his own creation.


LENGTH: 27.5'

The style and design are loosely based off Minett. Long sleek lines, and a flush deck engine compartment, with a high deck crown to accommodate the 502 cu. in. engine, make this vessel a very pleasing site. Long, tear-drop carved engine ventilators, and all tear-drop hardware give the boat a 1930's vibe.




Features include all custom sand-cast bronze hardware, outboard rudder assembly, rack & pinion steering for sports-car feel, side-mounted mechanically  controlled throttle lever, & a balanced-blue-printed, & powder coated power plant. Recently, 'Shokeepani' has found a new home in the pristine lake region of Upper Michigan, and is regularly used by Tom Balames & family.

The Finished Product

The Work In Progress

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