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The Jeffrey


YEAR: 1939

Originally discovered in a boathouse on Lake Nipissing in the late 1970's, this boat later spent time outside in the elements  while changing hands a few times. In 1989, Peter Breen purchased her and started the restoration process. This is the boat that first brought Rick McGraw to the shop and sparked a decades long collaboration 

and friendship.



Built at 20' in length, this is the only Greavette Gentleman's racer of these proportions known to exist. A very low free-board, and sleek lines, with a covered mother-in-law cockpit, make this a very cool looking boat. Powered with a 318 Chrysler V-8, that barely fits in the compartment, 'The Jeffrey' is a real thrill to drive.



Restored as a side project between 1989-1993, 'The Jeffrey' was then shown at boat shows from Clayton, NY, to Ottawa, to Gravenhurst, where she was a fan favourite. One of those fans was Rick McGraw, who purchased the boat in 1995. Rick enjoys using the boat regularly, and loves to see how close to the edge of the seat he can get accompanying crew.

The Finished Product

The Work In Progress

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