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The Princess


YEAR: 1928

'The Princess' is a traditional Ditchburn long-deck launch that was built in 1928, at which time it was shipped via rail cart to Vancouver, B.C., where it spent it's entire life on the western seaboard. As most of the industry was still focused in Eastern Canada, many boats made this trip west. 

Purchased in 1989, by Peter Breen, it finally returned home.



Lloyd Ross, who cottages in Beumaris, Muskoka, 

commissioned the undertaking in 1997. A ground-up restoration was required, as the years of neglect had taken their tole. Every aspect of the restoration was executed 'period-correct'. A very pretty design, she has slightly less free-board than most, which makes her appear very long and sleek.



After receiving a 13- coat high gloss varnish, applied by hand with a badger-hair brush (original method used), 'The Princess participated in numerous boat shows in Canada and the U.S., consistently winning awards and praise where ever she went. Housed in "Holiday House", Beaumaris for 20 years, she has recently changed hands and remains in Muskoka.

The Finished Product

The Work In Progress

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