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White Wings


YEAR: 1904

This was the first boat in the Lee & Penny Anderson Collection. As a young man, Lee regularly drove by this boat, which had been stored on the lodge property it once served. Upon purchasing over 30 years ago, 'White Wings' has always been a staple of his fleet. It is a 36' glass cabin launch with a fan-tail transom. These boats were everywhere at the turn of the century, but few survived.


LENGTH: 36' 

Built by Dan Kidney & Sons of DePere, Wisconsin, who was a notable builder in this area. Lee sent the boat to Rockwood in 2012. The original bottom didn't owe anything after over a century of use. She was fitted with a 'Encapsulated Plank' Breen Bottom, and re-finished throughout. Her original interior carpentry was re-produced, as it had been changed over the years.



The decks had been replaced in the 1970's with plywood, covered with teak strips. Although it was quite sturdy, it was far from period correct. She was fitted with her original design- mahogany strips bordered in oak king plank & covering boards. She is now back in the collection, well suited to last another century without question.

The Finished Product

The Work In Progress

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